Home Couture

Series 1

Rikke Ruhwald began to suspend things, making them look weightless, combining them to interact and create rhythm from within. At first, Rikke used scraps in metal, stone, wood and glass mostly found in the neighbourhood waste – and so there were mobiles; ironic and playful, a strange combination of phallic shapes and Scandinavian design.
Emma Mattei

Series 2

Following in the tradition of Danish Craft, a series of mobiles by Rikke Ruhwald.
Composed of found materials such as Willow, Metal, Glass and Crystaks, These singular pieces subtly create motion and light within their space.

Moreover they are made, principally from recycled matter.

The found objects from which they are made initiate and catalyse the rythm in the mobile, somehow this gives soul to the object, it tells a story.

A limited edition of 7 exclusively at Dover Street Market from november 27th 2008
Katerina Jebb

Series 3

Rikke Ruhwald – Home Couture – LE KLINT inspired mobiles.
Likened to “couture for the home,” the mobiles and lamps of Rikke Ruhwald are more of a reference to her years in the fashion world then might ordinarily meet the eye.  A graduate of St. Martin’s school of design in London, and former design assistant of Martine Sitbon,  Christian Lacroix , Jean Charles Castelbajac, and most recently Sonia Rykiel, she has spent over ten years at the center of Paris fashion. Now recently returned to Copenhagen this exhibition is a combination of both worlds; An hommage to Danish heritage and craftsmanship, mixed with the savoir faire of 3D draping and luxury design. Not only a continuation of the draping techniques she used on the human form, these works are also a reference to the process of fashion itself. Worn out after years of researching inspiration to be edited and translated into something constantly new for the catwalk only to then fall off into oblivion, and mixed with an awareness and sensitivity towards some of the issues of consumation and waste that plague our global society, Rikke’s statement, or rather interest is in finding, celebrating and re-using what is already in existence.  In many of her works this is generally represented by the use of found objects: left overs of homes and businesses around Copenhagen.  For this exhibition and these works in particular, it is the use of the estimed, Le Klint lampshades. Made possible by the generous donation of cut offs from the Iconic Danish lamp manufacturers unique cross pleating technique on PVC.  Not only is the historical nature of the pleating important to Rikke, but the couture house nature of the Le Klint atelier is another reminder and connection to her experiences in Paris, her former home.

For this collection, which is her 3rd, she is presenting 4 mobiles and 2 lamps. Pieces that create their own explosive story, one including the play of shadows, of subtle motion and light from within.

Brachfeld–Paris, 2009
Edward Brachfeld


Series 4

Rikke Ruhwald – Home Couture – Collages from the wood cut-offs from Fritz Hansen.
A series of collages of wood laminate, paper and mirror , mounted in vintage frames.

The collages are inspired by the negative shape of the Arne Jacobsen 7 chair, the Print designs of Sonia Delaunay and the work of Bjørn Wiinblad

Exhibition at Brachfeld Gallery, Paris 2012


Series 5

Rikke Ruhwald – Home Couture – Same Same but different.
10 almost identical mobiles created from willow, mirror, pvc bulbs, metal beads and pvc tape.

Exhibition at Køppe Contemporary Objects, Copenhagen 2016